Friday, May 15, 2015

Creative Corner Challenges - Spring is in the Air

Hello Darlings!

Spring has sprung! Well, in our challenge this week it has! :D
Head over to Creative Corner Challenges to play along! 

This week's challenge is a free for all with a theme of 'Spring is in the Air'

I used a super cute wooden stamp by Penny Black. My friend picked it up at Michaels a few weeks back and I just LOVE it!

Here is my project:


Michaels Flowers
Stampin' Up Brads
CTMH Watercolor Pencil Crayons
CTMH retired paperpack (Dotty For You, I believe)
American Craft Baker's Twine

Super simple card, --> Love layers!!<--

Hope you will join in on the fun!

~happy crafting!~

Friday, May 1, 2015

Creative Corner Challenges - For Mom

Good Morning! 

Happy May 1st! WAHOO! Spring is on its way!

This week we have a great challenge at Creative Corner Challenges sponsored by Bugaboo Stamps. Our theme is 'For Mom'.

Here is my project! Here's where you can find this awesome digi stamp! :D 'MOM' Thank you Bugaboo!!

A whole lotta "what's in my stash?" has been taking place in my little crafty corner! I've been finding papers/cardstock that I never knew I owned! It has been so much fun using up what I have! :D (Making me feel not so guilty for constantly buying!! Because now, I'm finally using it! )

My lighting has been a little wonky lately, so I apologize for the lighting... AND this card is the last card I will be making with my very first blending pen which has dried up almost completely! (I've owned it for 3 years!) I've ordered a new one and I cannot wait to use it! As I was coloring the MOM part of the image, it dawned on me that my children (probably the 4 year old) had been doing some blending of her own. SO. The MOM got a little dirty. But instead of completely spazzing out and printing a new one I left it alone. Adds some character I think! Moms get dirty. The blending added a little truth to this already hilarious depiction of moms! :D

Happy Mama's Day!

~happy crafting!~

Friday, April 17, 2015

Creative Corner Challenges - For a Child

Hello Everyone!

We have a fun challenge over Creative Corner Challenges with Team Jess! This week is sponsored by a company that I have fallen in love with....A Day For Daisies & our theme is For A Child.

Here is my digi stamp that I chose!

And here is my creation:


Heidi Swapp 3x5' journal card (hearts with LOVE)
Teresa Collins and CTMH sequins
CTMH Watercolor Pencil Crayons
CTMH Glacier ink
Tim Holtz Walnut Stain

Hope you will play along with us over at Creative Corner Challenges!! 

~happy crafting!~

Friday, April 3, 2015

Creative Corner Challenges - Animal Fun

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone! & Welcome to another awesome challenge from Creative Corner Challenges with Team Jess! We have a pretty cool sponsor this month...Stitchy Bear Stamps

So before you scroll any further, I have to admit that I am a little obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. The theme is Animal Fun this week, and I JUMPED at the opportunity to play with this digi stamp!

Who doesn't love the Cheshire Cat? Animal fun....right? OK, so I probably stretched this challenge just a wee bit farther then needed.....but hey, it's still a cat!! ;)

The cat asked, “Where do you want to go?”“I don’t know,” Alice answered.“Then,” said the cat, “it really doesn’t matter, does it?” 

“Yes, that's it! Said the Hatter with a sigh, it's always tea time.” 
"I'm late, I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!"
“Mad Matter: "Have I gone mad?" 
Alice: "I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are.”

“I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”
 I had so much fun making this banner. The supplies I used are from whatever I had kicking around. SO MANY FLOWERS! :D I should mention though, the images of the additional A.I.W characters are from the Disney Classics Cricut Cartridge.

I hope you like this banner and the challenge theme as much as I do! And I can't wait to see your creations! :D 

~happy crafting!~

Friday, March 20, 2015

Creative Corner Challenge - For a Boy!

My Boys!

 Sorry, it feels like its been a long week!
Anywho...welcome to another great challenge from Creative Corner Challenges
This week's theme is 'For a Boy' and it is a Free For All Week. That means you can make whatever you'd like!
You'll see in my pics that I used many colors, Cricut pieces, embellies, inks and more! Have fun with it!

Here is my creation:
Explosion Box - I found a super easy to follow tutorial here at Stuck on Glue Crafts

Supplies Used:
Little Sprout Paper by Michelle Coleman - Fancy Pants Designs
Monsters & Robots Paper by Recollections
Close to My Heart ink - Indian Corn Blue, Sweet Leaf, Sunset, Sky, & Canary
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist - Key Lime Pie, Apricot, & French Vanilla
Perfect Pearls Mist - Forever Red
Creative Memories Storks & Delivery Cartridge, and Beep Beep
SN@P! Baby Boy Pockets
Chipboard Embellisments - Scenic Route Paper Co.
This & That Paper by Lori Whitlock
Centre Shoe - Jessica made this for me from a CTMH Cricut Cartridge!

Hope you will join us for some fun this week!

~happy crafting!~

Here is the tags that I used in my explosion box. Feel free to use them for your projects.
Right click, save image, & print!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Creative Corner Challenges - Nature Inspired

 Hey There! 

Another awesome challenge going on at Creative Corner Challenges ! This week is sponsored by Bugaboo Stamps

Here is my project this week:

Bugaboo Stamps 'Cute as a Bug'

These photos were taken in the fall of 2011. I did an impromptu photoshoot while Chris and I were supposed to be raking all the gorgeous leaves! Adam (3) and Cadee (1) were having a blast jumping in our piles. While throwing all these leaves we found like 100 ladybugs! Not even kidding! The kiddos came out of the piles covered in them! It was great! 


This Layout used a lot of what I had in my stash. Scraps, random chipboard pieces, card-stock....and of course my trusty CTMH Watercolor Pencil Crayons!

Come and Join us over at Creative Corner Challenges and play along!!

~happy crafting!~

Friday, February 27, 2015

Newest Baby on the Block {Birth Story & Photos}

Good Day!

18 days young is my newest kiddo!

Welcome to the wonderful and crazy world kiddo!

Weston Christopher Arthur
9 lbs 3 oz
11:51 p.m.
February 9th, 2015

Our family is complete with our 5 beautiful babies. Mama and Dad are super happy you are finally here!

Here is your story:

Monday morning seemed quite normal with my "fake" contractions happening right from waking up. These happen all day pretty much every day, so today was no different. Cadee and I hung out, watched some t.v., ate lunch....I wanted a pina colada Booster Juice. My awesome hubs left work to bring Cadee and I one. :D AWESOME!

4p.m. Kids get off bus, snack time, chores, same old same old. Pains still happening; staying in my lower back. I was texting back and forth with my friend about how "done" I was and REALLY wanted this baby to hurry up and get here. Fast forward to 4:55 p.m. {TMI alert} I had to pee. Like NOW. I pretty much didn't think I was going to make it to the bathroom. HA! That would've been pretty funny for the kiddos to see their mama pee herself.

I barely got on the toilet and WOOSH. Seriously people, Thank you God that my children didn't see that. My water broke. My heart started racing, I was super flush (red cheeks, pretty much thought I had a fever) and I couldn't stop shaking. Text mom, and my hubs (he was just getting off work). Mom picked up kids. I thought it was really weird that I wasn't having contractions. You'd think after 4 kids I'd have things figured out by now??! I called the Labor and Delivery ward and told them I was coming in about an hour and that my water had broken. 

6 p.m. Still no pain. Huh? But my back was still really sore, as it has been my whole pregnancy. And I was still shaking and really hot. Like super hot flashes. Nurses check me, I'm at 5 cm WOOT! And I do have a fever. Weird. 

9 p.m. Nothing yet. I sent Chris out to get something to eat for himself. I decided getting on that silly bouncy ball might just help me out. Walking was out of the question because I'd take two steps and have water pouring down my leg. {sorry, visual probably not needed!} Just as Chris was leaving I heard a crack. Like a balloon popping. Well I thought I must've broken a bone in the baby. I was a little worried. Turns out....that that was the rest of the water breaking. Baby's head was blocking some of it. 

9:45 Chris gets back and HELLO BACK LABOR! I went from no pain to get me that stool to hunch over on NOW! UGH!

10 p.m. Nurses decide that something must be happening because my contractions were coming about 1 minute apart for 1 minute. Nurses check me and I'm at 7 cm Awesome things are progressing, but holy pain! I've decided I don't want meds this time around. I want this kid out of me and nothing is going to slow it down. 

Roughly 11 p.m. Pain is getting a bit unmanageable. The nurses want me on the bed on my knees. Ok, that worked for about 15 minutes. Back on my back. They check me again 8cm. UGH! At this point they realize baby's head is stuck on the left side of my body. Not even close to being "engaged". They want me to lie on my right side through a good couple of contractions to "shake" him down. Well for the last 3 months, I haven't been able to lay down anywhere. I've been sleeping sitting up in a rocking chair for crying out loud. Getting on my right side was the most painful part of that whole thought. But I did it. The guard rails were my friend. Contractions suck. I'm sure most of you will agree. But the whole time I was praying, breathing, and focusing on that baby coming out! At some part through this I started to lose my focus. I seriously felt like I was going to go crazy. Well I'm sure their is a proper medical term for that, but it coincided with the urge to push. They checked me and sure enough it was time to push.

11:47 p.m. PUSH, go for it. On your next contraction go for it. Wait, what? is all I could think. This is what I wanted to hear and fear gripped me. So I pushed. I held my breath and I pushed. I remember the look on the nurses face as I pushed....I can't even hold my breath under water for that long but somehow in 4 minutes and 3 pushes. This kid came surfing out of me. Literally. There was so much water STILL! {Not sure how that was even possible!} The look on the doctor's face was priceless and I am sure I will never forget how wide her eyes got as she caught him among all that water!

11:51 p.m. They threw him on my chest. Chris says I should of seen my own face as this was happening because they were just as wide as the docs!

Chris video taped Weston's cries as soon as he came out. He has a set of lungs on him I tell ya! :D 

3 hours before baby arrived -->@ 5cm

Meeting Grandma for the first time!

All the things that go along with being a newborn!

Happy to be back with mama!

So now we are back home after a 4 day stay in the hospital and back again just this past weekend (another story!) We are all doing well and adjusting to life with a new babe. If I seem distant with my posts, ya'll know why. 

~happy crafting!~